The Superior Standard in Project Management for Built Environment Developments

Development Management is the key to delivering successful projects to your investors.

Get expert guidance through the legislative, feasibility, management and implementation aspects of your project.

Avoid the costly mistakes that come from a lack of experience and knowledge. Create a project that is market viable.

Attract big investors with the credibility a development manager brings to your project.

Become known as a person of integrity and trust in all your future developments.

Vision Setting

The most important aspect of any projectIdentifying and setting an achievable vision is half the battle in the success of your development.

Development Feasibility

Make sure your vision is viable. Even the smallest miscalculation can affect project completion. We avoid future disasters by tackling this feasibility first.

Procurement & Contracts

Putting the meat on the bones of your vision is challenging. It calls for tactics and in depth knowledge that only comes with experience.

Expert Leadership

Leading from the front is our secret to success. We treat every individual as part of an integral team, ensuring constant care, precision and attention to detail.

Legal Obligations

Knowing what, when and where your legal obligations are is the difference between a successful, net positive project and one that’s dead in the water.

5 Facets of Development Management

Project Success with TDCL

Tom has been at the forefront of project development within the built environment sector in the UK and New Zealand for in excess of 30 years.

By implementing a proven, systematically driven approach to all aspects of property development clarity and better decisions have been the demonstrable outcome.

Now at the leading edge in terms of partnering procurement approaches within the property sector TDCL has been formed to create a net-positive effective change platform for everyone:  developers, investors, consultants, right through to the end-user.

Navigating the challenges and legal obligations of a development project requires in depth knowledge and tried and tested experience. 

As a top level consultant TDCL’s only job is to make sure your vision is feasible, achievable and ultimately successful.

We bring everyone together cohesively to get every project across the line. 

Achieving Results Through Strategy

  • Vision Development

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Project Definition & Business Structure

  • Market Research and Position

  • Land Sourcing and Procurement

  • Appointing and Managing the Professional Team

  • Administration and Control of Building Contractor

  • Programme, Budgets and Quality Driver Control

  • Risk Management and Mitigation Strategy

  • Funder Relationship Management

  • Pre-Application and Consent Management

  • Health and Safety Review

  • End User Consultation and Management

  • Reporting and Auditable Recommendations

Talk to us before starting your next built environment project and get it right from concept through to completion